Don’t Have Time to Apply for Sales Tax Registrations on Your Own?

Sales Tax Registrations are important as an FBA seller, even in most states where Amazon is collecting sales tax as the marketplace facilitator. Each state has a different set of forms, rules and a process to apply for a permit. Those may involve setting up an account, applying for the permit, linking the permit, providing supporting documentation, following up with documentation.

SalesTaxSystemYourEasyButtonForSalesTaxBesides knowing the process for each state, making sure you are compliant with the additional steps including which states require foreign qualification and an annual tax return is critical. Each question may trigger unintended consequence for your sales tax future. Some states you may apply for the permit online; others may require filing a paper application (especially if you do not have a SSN).

The great news is that when you join Sales Tax System, we will support you in two ways when it comes time to for your sales tax registrations and the steps required after applying.
1) DIY Sales Tax Registration Process: As a member of Sales Tax System we explain each step of the process and recommend resources along the way, including our steps to for your sales tax registrations. Our steps to apply for permits are constantly updated as the states update and change their process regularly. Our steps will save you a lot of time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. Plus we have PDF examples of how to fill out the application for each state (this will make the process a lot easier). Our DIY process will save you cash that you may need for more inventory.


2) DFY Sales Tax Registration Process:  Perhaps you just don’t have time to go through our training and steps and you need to get into compliance and keep focused on your selling (which is great). With a click of your mouse and a simple application, we will apply to the states you choose.  Think about the endless hours you won’t miss working on your business!

If you choose the DFY Process, here is our fast start checklist for us to support you in that situation:

1. Register for Sales Tax System. Register at

You will be added to our Sales Tax System membership within 24 hours and you are protected by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Once you log in as a member, watch our 10-minute welcome video for a quick overall of the process and tools to help you get into compliance quickly.


2. Not sure how much you owe in past sales tax + penalties + interest? Use our sales tax calculator spreadsheet to help you determine how much you may owe in each state.


3. Go to our $75 per state tab for registrations and order the number of state permits you may need. Not sure how many states? We have tools and solutions to help you determine that first step also!


4. Our time frame to apply for your sales tax registrations is from a few days to 8 weeks (for those of you without a U.S. SSN, due to mailing applications).


5. Set up Tax Accounts. As we apply for sales tax permits, some states we need to set up a tax account for you in the state and apply for permits. In other states, the tax account is set up after we apply for the permit. We provide steps for setting up any tax accounts that come into play after applying for permits.


6. Update Amazon Seller Central Tax Settings. We will provide you with a “cheat sheet’ to update your Amazon Seller Central Tax Settings properly which will take a couple of days to kick in.


7. Remitting Sales Tax. We will make a recommendation for our sales tax remitting partner to help you remit your sales tax on a monthly or quarterly basis per state, as required.


8. Additional Steps – Foreign Qualification and State Tax Returns. This is a very complex part of the sales tax permit process and Sales Tax System has years of experience with filing for thousands of permits and understand the states additional requirements depending upon the business structure and taxation type. You will receive an outline and overview of the next steps for each state. This support is priceless!

This is the big picture summary to get you quickly through the process! Questions? Send us an email at [email protected]


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