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Scott Letourneau, Sales Tax System’s CEO and Founder

Scott’s massive body of research, training and education includes the following: 

  • Paid research on the multistate taxation rules with Deloitte, including Public Law, 86-272, which is being reviewed by Learn more here about potential changes. 
  • He was involved in the workgroup on sales tax nexus requirements state-by-state after the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court case Wayfair vs. South Dakota. 
  • Advanced webinars with top sales and local tax experts, numerous webinars, Zoom training, and a special guest speaker at different e-commerce events for sales tax compliance.
  • His 29 years of experience with entity formation, the multistate taxation rules, and many relationships with top CPAs and U.S. tax attorneys have helped make him and his team the go-to resource for U.S. expansion on Walmart, Amazon,  and Shopify.
  • A guest speaker on numerous podcasts, radio shows, and events for asset protection and sales tax strategies.
  • Watch his video overview on how he can help your company get into compliance.

Scott founded Sales Tax System to help e-commerce sellers with sales tax compliance to protect their brand and profits.

Scott helped simplify the process for Amazon sellers for registration before the marketplace facilitators laws came into play, with a step-by-step membership training center for sellers and tax professionals.

Over the last several years, we have updated our system and registration process with all the changes since the 2018 U.S. Supreme Court Case, Wayfair vs. South Dakota.

Now, most of our registration services are for non-marketplace sellers, especially Shopify sellers, and support CPA firms with registrations for their retail clients.

Scott and his talented team have developed many charts, maps, and tools from everything marketplace facilitator states to close out your sales tax registrations, different industry types, and states to register for economic nexus thresholds and support drop shippers non-resident sellers.

Our team has perfected our comprehensive yet straightforward one-application sales tax registration process for all the states.

We have the most comprehensive service and the best overall value in the industry. 

Meet Our Team

Our sales tax registration process is automated with over advanced sales tax application process, including step-by-step videos, tips, and strategies, with our follow-up systems through our CRM, Keap.

Our team is detailed with our manual review process to ensure you don’t make costly errors before our registrations. We are partners with sales and local tax firms and software providers to simplify your sales tax filings.

We use Zendesk to manage all our customer service requests, and our rock-star team is very fast, efficient with follow-up or return calls to help make your team most efficient so you can focus on what you do best, make profits for your business.

Our team constantly communicates internally and with our valued clients to help launch your business with confidence. 

Rendell -Customer Service Manager
Rendell -Customer Service Manager
Jamie – Sales Tax Manager
Jamie – Sales Tax Manager
Roj – Sales Tax Regisration Expert
Roj – Sales Tax Regisration Expert
Althea – Entity Filing Expert
Althea – Entity Filing Expert
Tony – Customer Service Team Leader
Tony – Customer Service Team Leader
Siu-kei – E-Commerce Expert
Siu-kei – E-Commerce Expert
Amanda – Administrative & Client Mail Expert
Amanda – Administrative & Client Mail Expert

Why is Sales Tax System Better

1. Sales Tax Consulting. Do you need to know your best strategic options before moving forward, including costs, risks, and the latest updates from the states on audits, and what is possible? Do you register with a current start date and pay the past sales tax or not?

Consulting Session applies as 100% credit towards future services.

2. Sales Tax Nexus Analysis.  Are you looking to sell or buy an e-commerce business? Do you need to get into compliance moving forward but need to know your maximum exposure?

In these cases, our team will help you determine your best options to move and make sure you are protected.

You will receive our nexus spreadsheet analysis, our detailed recommendations to register, which states not to register, and your estimated sales tax exposure. We will provide your best options to move forward with compliance, including filing sales tax returns.

3. Sales Tax Permit Registrations. Our complete sales tax permit registration process is the most complete and accurate in the industry. Let us save you a ton of time, money, and frustration.  We will also obtain your resale numbers as required.

4. U.S. Virtual Address.  When you register for sales tax permits, that will unleash a lot of mail from every state (with pins, codes, permits, and return notices. Our services include scanning and organizing your permits and taking notices.

Let us simplify the mail onslaught and save your team time and money.

5. EIN and U.S. tax support. Non-resident sellers require an EIN before we apply for your sales tax registrations.  The SS4 application must be completed correctly to avoid unnecessary IRS issues down the road.

Let us Help Your Clients Pay Sales Tax Out of Their Pocket, Not Your Company.

You’ll be glad you choose to work with our detailed team and get in compliance with sales tax and protect your brand and profits.

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