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When it comes to enjoying the freedom from living an online lifestyle, Amazon has become a very popular platform for many people, families and internet entrepreneurs.

It has not only created one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world by storing, packing and shipping your products to your customers… it has also provided Amazon sellers with multiple advantages.

Some of these include easy access to its HUGE marketplace, expedited two-day delivery, secure payments, and more.

As a result, this amazing and profitable opportunity has skyrocketed online sales to almost $190 BILLION in the last few years alone.

Until recently, consumers could often buy products online for less by saving on sales tax. Consequently, states lost BILLIONS of $$$ in uncollected sales tax revenue.

This caused most states to ‘get in’ on the giant revenue pie by charging e-commerce business sales tax.  This change impacts EVERYONE doing business on the internet; including Amazon FBA Sellers.

These new tax policies became known as the “Amazon laws”. Unfortunately, since they’ve been released, most FBA Sellers and online business owners, unfortunately, have continued to bury their head in the sand hoping sales tax will go away, but the situation is only getting worse as more time passes on.

Head in the Sand


As an FBA Seller or online business owner, you must now:

  1. COLLECT sales tax accurately.
  2. REMIT that tax to the proper state agency.  

When sales tax becomes overdue, it becomes a liability comprised of three things: sales tax, plus interest and penalties on the amount of sales tax due; all of which can total up to a MASSIVE 10% or more of Your Total Sales.

SALES TAX = 8% on Total Sales

 INTEREST = 3% on Total Tax

PENALTIES = 30% on Total Tax

TOTAL = 10% of Your Total Sales


Here’s a quick example of a sales tax liability from $5,000 in sales in multiple states:


As an FBA Seller (or any online business owner), state governments hold YOU responsible for being COMPLIANT with sales tax laws.

If you’re an established FBA Seller and have NOT collected and paid your sales taxes, you are already HEAVILY under water and need to act immediately.

Failing to Collect and Remit Sales Tax at the Required Time Means You’ll be Obligated to Pay the Sales Tax Liability Out of Your OWN POCKET!

Running your business out of compliance is equivalent to FLUSHING Your Profits Down the Toilet!  


Choosing to ignore the responsibility of becoming compliant does not free you from being indebted to the collection agency of that state… and, it gets worse…

Neglecting to Pay the Outstanding Tax Liability Could Send Your Business Into Liquidation AND Can Even Put You at Personal Risk of Bankruptcy!

The State Sales Tax Departments have powers to exercise their rights and take legal action against you to recover the amount due, PLUS penalties and interest.


Here’s a Typical Sales Tax Audit Scenario:

Let’s say you’re an Amazon FBA Seller and you fail to collect or remit sales tax in one of the FBA states.  Nothing may happen at first, and after a year or two with no audit, you may incorrectly assume that you’re in compliance.


Within a few years, the state tax agency will eventually conduct a manual audit. At this point, you’ve now entered their taxation audit process and will be legally bound to cooperate, collaborate, and comply.

At this point, the sales tax auditor will require you to pay the uncollected taxes immediately plus any fees/fines. The amount due will continue to grow until you pay.

 Being Audited from the Tax Department Can be a Very Hard Battle to Recover From.

In a perfect world, you’ll get audited in the first year of business, keeping your taxes and penalties down.

However, we’ve seen audit cases take 7-10 years or longer to finally reach businesses, giving owners a very nasty surprise.

At that point, it’s generally too late for business owners to recover because the tax agency assesses every single transaction from day one. This generally accumulates to an amount too large for the business owner to pay, causing the destruction of that business and even leading to personal litigation.


Where and When Do Sales Tax Need to be Paid?

You need to collect and remit sales tax when you have nexus. No nexus? No problem. You’re off the hook for sales tax.

If you HAVE nexus, however, then sales tax is your responsibility as long as you continue to trade in an FBA state.

What is nexus?

It’s just a fancy way of saying you’re obligated to collect and pay sales tax in each state where your business benefits from the state’s services or infrastructure.

Examples are using that state’s roads or bridges, having staff physically present in the state for any business reason, and/or storing products in a warehouse in that state.

As an FBA business owner, you would generally have nexus (tax liability) in at least the state where the business is registered and the state where your products are warehoused.        

Note: There are only five states in the US that don’t have sales tax:

  1. Alaska
  2. Montana
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Delaware
  5. Oregon

If you are NOT in one of these states and use Amazon’s FBA service, then you have sales tax nexus and are required to collect and remit sales tax for your business. 

Important Note: Sales Tax Nexus and Income Tax Nexus are NOT the same. Some states require you to collect and remit sales tax and foreign register or qualify to do business in the state to file a state corporate return. This training is covered in the Sales Tax System.

Already Using a Sales Tax Remitting Service Such as TaxJar®? You May Be Wondering if You Still Need Sales Tax System? 

TaxJar® is just one of several recommended companies that provide sales tax remitting services.  TaxJar® provides great information through their blogs and can pull your reports from Amazon Central to provide you with necessary sales and sales tax numbers. STS can also provide recommendations for other remitting services based on your specific business needs. 


Without the required tax permits, TaxJar® and other remitting services CANNOT make payments on your behalf.  Remitting services will be able to pull reports reflecting sales and tax number accurately; HOWEVER, these numbers are useless if your business does not have the necessary tax permits to submit sales tax payments.

Having TaxJar® with no permits is like owning a car with no license to drive the car. You MUST update your Amazon Seller Central Tax settings with your permits to start collecting and remitting sales tax.

This Is Where Sales Tax System Comes Into Play

There are several factors to consider when applying for permits. The application process can end up costing you a fortune if it is handled incorrectly…but don’t worry…Sales Tax System is Here to HELP.  STS will take you through the permit process with our step-by-step guide…OR LET STS TAKE THE WORRY FROM YOU. Simply pay $75 per state and you can consider the permit application DONE!!

Behind on Sales Tax?

We often see new businesses naively neglect sales tax in their first few years or received incorrect information and believe they were not required to remit sales tax. Sound like you?  The good news is, you are not alone.

The BAD NEWS is, NOT getting into COMPLIANCE ASAP is a financial disaster waiting to happen and is extremely detrimental to your business.

If you have been selling for 6 months or longer and have not collected or remitted sales tax you need to take action ASAP!!

You are Accruing Sales Tax and Fees Each Day You Are NOT Collecting and Remitting Payments in States Where You are Responsible for Nexus.


How would you like to GET COMPLIANT and avoid costly errors while saving a whole heap of time, money, and frustration? Get back to focusing on growing your business…

Let us show you how to never pay sales tax out of your own pocket again by getting your customers to pay it instead.

We’ve developed a system that is so practical, effective, and easy to use that we’re even thinking of approaching the Tax Office to buy it in bulk for every
Amazon taxpayer to use. 


Sales Tax System

Sales Tax Permits Made Easy for FBA Sellers.

Sales Tax System is the most comprehensive step-by-step sales tax training system available today.  It is specifically designed to help FBA Sellers properly structure their Amazon business and accurately manage their taxes.

STS is used by countless Amazon.com FBA business owners worldwide. It covers everything needed to keep you and your business sales-tax compliant which will help protect you from unscrupulous intent or litigation.

Who is Sales Tax System for?

  1. New FBA Sellers or online business owners in the process of starting an Amazon or e-commerce business.
  2. Existing FBA Sellers or online business owners that are behind on sales tax. If you’re here, you’ve likely been told that a CPA could fix this for you and now realize that’s completely wrong and costly information.

Sales Tax System will give you access to our essential strategies. If you’re behind on sales tax, these strategies will show you how to avoid excessively high penalties and related costs.  For example:

We will show you how you can reduce your tax penalties by making a voluntary disclosure before applying for your sales tax permit.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to follow the correct procedure to take advantage of this option.  Not knowing the step to implement could SIGNIFICANTLY JEOPARDIZE your ability to waive or reduce your penalties. 

This is just one strategy provided by STS that can SAVE you an ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF DEBT. These SAVINGS can be used to REINVEST in YOUR BUSINESS.

Sales Tax System has been extensively developed and professionally composed by STS CEO, Scott Letourneau, and his team of qualified industry leaders and experts.

Together STS’s elite team has a combined experience of over 46 years in sales tax and business formation. So, you can rest assured you’re in VERY GOOD HANDS. 

Sales Tax System is a No-Jargon, User-Friendly Training Program That’s Simple to Follow and Apply.

The entire program is organized in easy to understand steps that are designed to guide you through the application process in a minimal amount of time and effort. 

You can enjoy immediate benefits when you join Sales Tax System.  You will receive unlimited access to our members only area. The information can be accessed any time and is easy to navigate and explore. 

Upon completion of our training, you’ll have all the knowledge needed to get tax compliant, saving your business from MASSIVE AVOIDABLE COSTS and EMBARRASSING ERRORS. 

What’s Inside Sales Tax System?

1. Key Information Needed Before You Apply For a Sales Tax Permit

→ Sales Tax Nexus basics needed to move forward as an Amazon.com or FBA Seller. 

→ Advanced training by S.A.L.T (sales and local tax) experts to help your CPA get on track and avoid confusion.

→ Multi-channel strategies for selling on other platforms that prevent you from overcharging sales tax.

→ The time frames to obtain your permits in each state online or using a physical application (needed for sellers without a SSN).  You will want to know when you will STOP paying sales tax out of your own pocket and how much longer will you be burning your cash; 1 week, 2 weeks, 6 weeks or more? 

→ Our Sales Tax Calculator can be used to determine how much you will owe in past sales tax + penalties + interest when you apply for sales tax permits. This is a MUST for your cash flow planning. The longer you wait, the bigger the amount you will owe!

2. Behind on Sales Tax Strategies

→ Moving forward applying for permits with your business start date and what you will owe with our Sales Tax Calculator (cash flow & budgeting strategies covered). 

→ NEW-Multistate Taxation Commission’s Sales Tax Amnesty Program strategies and options. Should you take advantage of this special program from August 17-Oct 17th? What are the concerns you need to evaluate for the sales tax but also income tax amnesty? STS members will have access to our special Sales Tax Amnesty filing service so you can focus on your Amazon FBA business! 

→ Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA) overview to help waive your penalties. What is most important is to clearly understand the downside, costs, options and when is this a great option versus a bad option for your business? Plus resources for support.

→ The biggest and most recommended strategy in many Facebook groups to avoid. This recommended strategy to “help” you move forward will subject you to 50-100% in fraud penalties. Make sure you avoid this RISKY strategy. 

→ Cash flow tight?  You can’t afford to keep your head in the sand and hope sales tax will go away. What are your options to stop the sales tax snowball of debt from building and move forward? This one section may save your entire business! 

3. FBA State Sales Tax Permit Process (All Steps &  Forms Included)

→ The states you may want to wait to apply for a sales tax permit, from a threshold to foreign qualification for an entity which means extra steps and fees. 

→ Learn how to fill out a state sales tax application! Watch our special video overview on how to fill out the applications and costly mistakes to avoid (especially important for our foreign sellers).

→ Before you pull the trigger on the sales tax applications you will want to know these important parts; how long it will take you to obtain a sales tax number (important to your cash flow), how to estimate your future sales per state which will impact your filing frequency which will impact your remitting fees! Finally, you will want to know the states’ filing frequency and what you must do make a change in your favor which will save you money in remittance fees! 

→ Sales Tax Applications and Online Registration link step-by-step application instructions and special insights for ALL FBA states (plus key updates). Brand New: PDF samples of each state to mail applications! Our samples will save you a lot of time and help you avoid mistakes. 

→ Is foreign qualification required of an entity before or after you apply for a permit? Forget nexus rules, what do the states say at both the Department of Revenue and Secretary of State? Our detailed research is a must and you won’t find it anywhere else! 

→ Resale certificate applications to help you save sales tax when you purchase your inventory.

4. Next Steps After Applying for Sales Tax Permits

→ Update your Amazon Seller Central Tax settings. It is a must to check the correct boxes to collect the right amount of sales tax. Our “cheat sheets” and video guide will simplify this process for you. 

→ SALT (sales and local tax) expert referral to set up your tax settings for you (fees are separate).

→ Applying for sales tax permits is one step, and opening a sales tax account to remit is another step. You will receive the steps and links for all the states to create your sale tax account (and the states where this is not required) because it is done for you when you apply. 

→ You will receive our vetted remitting sales tax resources to automate your sales tax return filing process. 

→ Are you an international seller on Amazon.com without a U.S. bank account? How do you remit sales tax with low-priced software companies? You don’t. We will give you your best options, strategies, and resources. 

5. $75 Per State Permit Application Service

→ Don’t want to apply for sales tax permits on your own even with our step-by-step instructions? Don’t have the time? Great news, as a Sales Tax System member you have access to our $75 per state sales tax permit service and we will apply for your permits for you!

→ Our done-for-you service to apply for your permits is an easy process.

→ Complete our online application (with easy to follow instructions) and once submitted and reviewed, it will auto-fill ALL the state sales tax applications (heavy programming) on our end! 

→ Simply pay the separate state fees and we will apply for your sales tax permits. 

→ You will be provided with a summary spreadsheet shared via a shared secure file along with our “next steps” documents to keep you on track.

→ This service is available if you are a sole proprietorship, entity, U.S. or foreign seller! 

→ State fees (which currently are only $202 in total for all 25 FBA states are separate).

6. Training & Support

→ Unlimited e-mail support for 12 months. Submit a support ticket to our team and we will get you to the right place in our training, answer your questions or provide one of our vetted resources for your solution.

→ FAQs on your most important questions to get you moving forward quickly!
→ Training videos on key subjects including entity structuring for FBA Sellers, voluntary disclosure agreements insights, U.S. tax complexities for foreign sellers, drop shipping and sales tax rules, and falling behind on sales tax training with solutions!



What Others Say About Sales Tax System

“We are grateful for your services and appreciate your expertise. Your knowledgeable instruction saved us a great deal of time and headache!”

–       Frank H, California USA.

“I have had an incredible experience with Sales Tax System. They have been so attentive and informative to me ever since I purchased the service. Their prompt and friendly emails have impressed me greatly, along with their ability to rectify any issues that may have come up. I know very little about taxes, and frankly, they overwhelm me to the point of procrastination. With their help, the process of obtaining tax IDs for all the FBA states was much less daunting than I had imagined. Thank you, I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

–       Jennifer Garcia, Ontario Canada

Special Sales Tax System Bonuses:

As our way of welcoming you into the Sales Tax System community, we decided to include some additional products that will simplify and enhance your experience in the program.

When you join Sales Tax System today, you’ll also be eligible for the following three bonuses:

BONUS #1: Amazon FBA Sales Tax Quick Start Guide (Valued at $97.00)

→ Our quick start guide will be your quick start, step-by-step guide to sales tax compliance while selling through FBA.

→ You will learn your business structure options and what is best for multi-channel selling.

→ You will learn our Sales Tax Compliance Formula to help you determine in which states you need to collect and remit sales tax.

→ Special tips for international sellers to make it easier to start the process.

→ Discover the correct sequence of steps to take to get, and STAY, in compliance

BONUS #2: E-Commerce Accounting Tools & Training Video for Success

→ As your business grows, you must know your numbers.  This system will provide you with:  gross profit, COGS, net profits, profit and loss, and cash flow. All the information you need to turn your hobby into a real business!

→ Learn e-commerce accounting best practices. You will know which accounting configuration and tools are the best for your business. Without them, your numbers will be either way off or you will be guessing, and that never works to grow your business.

→ Best options for having your accounting done for you!

→ Cloud inventory best options which are critical to your success.

→ Accounting back office solutions and e-commerce accountant options!

* valid for 12 months.

BONUS #3: Rolodex of E-commerce Sales Tax and Bookkeeping Experts (Valued at $347).

→ This is our exclusive list of personally vetted resources that we use to get our own business tax compliant.

→ This includes an ‘exclusive only’ rate of $75 for sales tax permits and a $250 sales tax settings update completed by our referred sales tax experts.

→ PLUS: As a Sales Tax System member, you’ll also receive a 10% discount on Strategy Sessions with Scott Letourneau (fees are separate). 

Sales Tax System is so Complete, You Won’t Lose Any More Sleep Over Taxes. 

Total Value


BONUS #1:  Amazon FBA Sales Tax Quick Start Guide = $97.00

BONUS #2:  E-Commerce Accounting Tools & Training Video for Success= $97.00

BONUS #3: E-commerce Rolodex = $347.00

TOTAL = $1,138.00

The Sales Tax System includes all the content above, plus regular updates, inner circle resources, explainer videos, instructions and total e-mail support. 

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can have total access to Sales Tax System PLUS all bonuses for our heavily 66% discounted price for only…

$1,138.00This is an exceptionally small investment that will save you HUGE costs, unrest, and inconvenience.

It’s not everyday you get your taxes in order.

Take advantage of this amazing opportunity NOW! Price will be rising soon.

Total Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

You are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can try out, inspect and use Sales Tax System for a FULL 30 days. If you feel you haven’t received ‘outstanding’ value for your investment, send us an e-mail within 30 days for a no questions asked, money-back refund.   



Remember, neglecting your responsibility for sales tax collection and remittance does not free you from the amount you owe to the state. Ignorance is not an “out” when it comes to tax dues! States are now getting as aggressive as the IRS and WILL use their authority to pursue you.  

As an FBA Seller or online business owner, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I able to pay the owed sales tax, interest, and penalties out of my own pocket?

If I haven’t already been audited, how will it affect my business when I do?

Can I afford NOT to become tax compliant any longer?  

Don’t let unexpected sales tax steal your dream of massive online profits. Join Sales Tax System now and give your Amazon or online business the assurance it needs to grow and prosper long-term.


To Your Success,


Scott Letourneau, CEO


USA’s leading business formation expert & sales tax expert

Sales Tax System, a division of Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc.  

P.S. Sales tax compliance is a must for every FBA Seller and online business owner. You’re going to pay sales tax in every state you’re in. This is how you stop that.

P.P.S. If you want to truly give your Amazon business the Ultimate Tax protection, take advantage of the most effective and practical Sales Tax training membership program available today. HUGELY discounted for a limited time only.

This is a 12-month membership. After 12 months, you have the option to renew your annual membership with access to updates, resources, instructions and e-mail support for only $397.00 per year. You will NOT be automatically renewed. We will follow up with an email for you to renew. 

** Sales Tax System ongoing support is through our ticket system for questions and resources. Once you order, you will be added to our Sales Tax System within 24-48 hours.  Your login details will be e-mailed to you. Questions? E-mail support@SalesTaxSystem.com.