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Sales Tax System U.S. Virtual Address Service

It is recommended that you have a US mailing address for permits. You will receive on average 3-5 pieces of mail per state, more if past returns are due. In many states, there is one key piece of mail that either has a code or next steps to obtain your permit or link your tax account.

[Caution] 27 States (see list at this link) will Mail Your Permit, PIN, or Code to Complete Your Tax Account 

There are 27 states that will mail either the sales tax permit, PIN, and or a code to your address on file as part of the application process. When you use our virtual address service, all that mail will come to our office and be scanned.

How We Can Help Speed Up Your Sales Tax Permit Registrations

That will speed up our sales tax application process by weeks vs the mail going to your address and you getting us that mail to finish your tax accounts.

Even if you live in the U.S., you may not want to have to sort through and manage all that mail coming to your address. With our service, all the mail will come to our office and we will scan it into a secure folder for you or your tax professional to access.

Complete our U.S. Virtual Address Service Intake Form

Complete our U.S. Virtual Address Service Intake Form

The first step with our U.S. virtual address service is to access our secure online intake form. Simply provide your contact details, review our service options, including providing us all the business and person names that will come to your address. You will also see our separate fees for packages and mail forwarding. Upon completion, our team will set up your account in a secure folder in the cloud.

Provided a Premium U.S. Physical Address and P.O. Box

You will have immediate access to our premium physical address and P.O. box for your business. This is especially important before you we file your sales tax registrations.

Sales Tax System will Provide a Premium U.S. Physical Address and P.O. Box

Your Mail Routes to Our Sales Tax System Office Address

Your Mail Routes to Our Office Address

All your mail will come to our office, relieving you from having to sort, open, scan, or organize your mail again!

Your Mail is Organized, Prioritized and Scanned to Your Secure Folders

Every piece of mail will be individual evaluated for priority status and scanned by our well-trained mail team. You will receive a notification to check your newly scanned, organized and prioritized mail. You will be able to quickly go to the urgent folder and permits folder for most important mail to move forward with any compliance issues.

Your Mail from our Sales Tax Permit Registrations is Organized, Prioritized and Scanned to Your Secure Folders

Sales Tax System Mail Verification System

Mail Verification System

Each piece of mail is reviewed and verified before being scanned to your secure folder.

Mail Scanning & Forwarding Notification

You won’t have to waste time going to your mailbox to check mail ever again. You will receive a notification when mail has been scanned to your folder or forwarded to you.

Sales Tax System's Package Notification System

Sales Tax System's Urgent Scans Receive Special Notifications

Urgent Scans Receive Special Notifications

As an e-commerce seller, you will receive several urgent notifications from different states, with past sales tax due, delinquent accounts, franchise tax forms missed… and you will be able to handle these items immediately, as our team will mark those for urgent notification for you.

Mail Verification Spreadsheet Updated

All your mail activity will be tracked on your customized spreadsheet along with each piece of mail scanned or mailed, the date, for simple access and accounting.

Postage Tracking Automatically Updated

Any packages or mail you have forwarded, your postage balance will be tracked. No need for monthly charges; we will notify you when your postage is below $10.00.

Package Notification System

Packages for you that arrive at our addresses will be accepted and you will be notified with shipping options that are best for you. We can also sign for overnight and certified mail.

Sales Tax System Mail Scanning & Forwarding Notification

Sales Tax System Business and Personal Name System

Business and Personal Name System

All mail to the business and personal names you provided us will be accepted. You can add more names at any time.

Address Verification Ongoing

We know you may move and forget to notify us with your new address, so we send you a notification reminder for mail forwarding and you may let us know immediately if your address has changed.

Sales Tax System Provides Address Verification Ongoing

Sales Tax System's Clients Experience World Class Ticket Support System

World Class Ticket Support System

Our team checks incoming tickets (email requests) every 5-10 minutes and prioritizes them for a quick response with a personal touch.

Learn more here about our pricing and case studies for our virtual address services.

Additional Support, Tools, and Resources
to Help You Launch with Confidence:

As an e-commerce seller in the U.S. you will have responsibilities to collect and remit sale tax in the states you have nexus, which may be in the form of FBA stock, or the economic nexus thresholds you may cross. The process being with getting your business register with a sales tax permit. We have two separate services for sales tax registration.
If you need support with a complete U.S. formation, we can help. We form entities in all 50 states, especially working with foreign sellers forming a U.S. company. Our packages include U.S. banking solutions for foreign sellers.
Foreign sellers will need an EIN number from the IRS to register with U.S. sales tax permits to collect and remit sales tax. Our system will help you do this properly.
Our team is expert at applying for sales tax permits for sellers without an SSN or ITIN.
You may need the support of an expert in state and federal U.S. taxes, legal, bookkeeping, remitting sales tax, S.A.L.T. experts, trademarks, incorporating and more. We will be happy to refer you to an expert with great reviews.
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