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Entity Structuring

Scott will help you structure your entities to maximize protection and minimize your taxes. He will help you select the best state and entity for your situation


Sales Tax Consulting

Scott will guide you through your current and future sales tax obligations, based upon nexus guidelines and your steps for compliance


Asset Protection

Scott will help you structure and protect different asset types and share advanced asset protection strategies, as needed


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Scott has 25 years of experience working with top attorneys and CPAs, and has helped many successful entrepreneurs.


Strategy Session Benefits with Scott Letourneau



imgStrategy Areas Covered

Scott will cover critical strategies including which type of U.S. structure is best, which state is best, how many structures, funding option for your business, U.S. banking options, which type of assets will be protected, new nexus state laws and which states you need permits (or to close them out), behind on sales tax strategies, and U.S. taxes. Scott will help you formulate the questions that you should be asking your CPA or attorney (if you don’t have the best resource, he will refer you to the best).

imgOur Strategy Session Packages







Complete Asset Protection & Sales Tax Blueprint Road Map & Video with Action Steps

$2500.00 (Limited Availability)


imgStrategies Scott covers in a strategy call for an E-Commerce Seller

1. Sales tax responsibilities - evaluations of the states

U.S. sales tax responsibilities based on selling on FBA or other e-commerce platforms. Sales tax responsibilities include an evaluation of the 45 states with sales tax (and D.C.), the 30 Amazon FBA states, 45 economic nexus states, 44 marketplace facilitator states, and the 11 notice and reporting states (which are subject to change over time).

2. Difference between sales tax responsibilities from an Amazon seller

Shopify sales tax requirements are different from an Amazon seller since Shopify is not a marketplace facilitator. These sales tax issues include an evaluation of economic nexus requirements, Shopify payments requirements, U.S. entity options with no SSN, dropshipping exemption certificate requirements.

3. How to properly handle your U.S. tax return

How to properly handle your U.S. tax returns if you are not current with your filings and what you need to do to avoid an audit. (typically a three-year lag time).

4. Find out your country tax treaty requirements with the U.S

Find out your requirements if your country has a tax treaty with the U.S.- Note*: You are still subject to tax laws, even if your home country has an existing tax treaty with the U.S. (one client received an IRS tax penalty of $292K due to filing an incorrect U.S. tax return).

5. Sales tax responsibilities and issues to avoid penalties

Learn what your sales tax responsibilities are as a foreign seller and the misconceptions that have cost Amazon sellers a fortune (has nothing to do with pending federal sales tax legislation). Are you behind on sales tax? Find out what issues to avoid to prevent penalties that can exceed 100% of your tax liability.

6. Get advice and discover how to get on track with sales tax

Have you been advised to skip U.S. sales tax altogether? Discover why the states are onto you and why a sales tax audit is the most crippling of any U.S. audit.

States are now sending audit notices to already-registered sellers.

This new approach is designed to determine if sellers had economic nexus in the state before they registered to collect sales tax.

For example, many states will look at sellers who registered for a sales tax permit after that state’s economic nexus law went into effect and question whether they should have been collecting sales tax before their actual sales tax registration date.

7. Learn steps how to get back on track with your U.S. business

Learn the steps needed to get back on track while selling in the U.S. Find out if your best option is through a foreign entity or a U.S. entity. Did you form a U.S. LLC but never filed any U.S. tax returns?

8. How to remit U.S. sales tax without a U.S. bank account

How do you remit U.S. sales tax without a U.S. bank account, and what will that cost you? Learn how to cut your remitting costs by 50%.

You will also discover the cost of compliance for a real U.S. brand as an Amazon seller and what you need to consider with our cash flow.

9. Learn the Critical points for U.S. based e-commerce sellers

Discover the critical points for U.S. based e-commerce sellers, which states is registration required, what do you need to know, including income nexus overview.

10. Steps to establish an US account

Learn what you need to know to establish a U.S. bank account (travel is required, but not enough).

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