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Entity Structuring

Scott will help you structure your entities for your e-commerce business and U.S. expansion. He will help you determine which entity and tax structure are best for your situation. Should you separate your Shopify sales from your marketplace sales?


Sales Tax Consulting

Scott will guide you through your past and future sales tax obligations, including how to determine when you first had nexus, and how to save on past sales tax returns, while being in compliance moving forward with your sales tax registrations.


Sales Tax Registrations

Scott will help you determine when to register, the best effective date, and what costly registration mistakes to avoid. He will help explain the current economic and physical nexus requirements and help recommend your best options for filing sales tax returns.


E-Commerce Exit

Expand to exit for a maximum multiple for your e-commerce brand. Scott has 25 years of experience with top attorneys, CPAs, and finance backgrounds that will help you gain clarity on both your compliance and profit requirements. Successor liability is a real sales tax issue to address before you sell your e-commerce business.


Gain Clarity on Your Best Options Before Relying Upon Only Software



imgStrategy Areas Covered

Scott will cover critical strategies including which type of U.S. structure is best, which state is best, how many structures, funding option for your business, U.S. banking options, which type of assets will be protected, new nexus state laws and which states you need permits (or to close them out), behind on sales tax strategies, and U.S. taxes. Scott will help you formulate the questions that you should be asking your CPA or attorney (if you don’t have the best resource, he will refer you to the best).

imgOur Strategy Session Packages







Complete Asset Protection & Sales Tax Blueprint Road Map & Video with Action Steps

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imgStrategies Scott Covers in a Strategy Call

1. Sales tax responsibilities - evaluations of the states

U.S. sales tax responsibilities are based on selling on FBA or other e-commerce platforms. Sales tax responsibilities include evaluating the 45 states with sales tax (and D.C.), the 41 Amazon FBA states, 45 economic nexus states, and 47 marketplace facilitator states. The key is knowing which states count marketplace facilitator sales and non-marketplace sales, along with the methods and timing to register once you cross nexus thresholds.

2. Difference between Shopify and a marketplace seller's sales tax responsibilities

Shopify sales tax requirements are different from a marketplace facilitator (Amazon, Walmart, eBay…) seller. Since Shopify is not a marketplace facilitator, having a Shopify store is virtually the same as selling products from your own website. These sales tax issues include evaluating economic nexus requirements, Shopify payments requirements, U.S. entity options with no SSN and, dropshipping exemption certificate requirements.

3. How to properly handle your U.S. tax return

How to properly handle your U.S. tax returns if you are not current with your filings and what you need to do to avoid an audit. (typically a three-year lag time). Also, includes what U.S. returns to be filed if you are engaged in a U.S. trade or business.

4. Find out your country tax treaty requirements with the U.S

Find out your requirements if your country has a tax treaty with the U.S.- Note*: You are still subject to tax laws, even if your home country has an existing tax treaty with the U.S. (one client received an IRS tax penalty of $292K due to filing an incorrect U.S. tax return).

5. Sales tax responsibilities and issues to avoid penalties

Learn what your sales tax responsibilities are as a foreign seller and the misconceptions that have cost Amazon sellers a fortune (has nothing to do with pending federal sales tax legislation). Are you behind on sales tax? Find out what issues to avoid to prevent penalties that can exceed 100% of your tax liability.

6. Get advice and discover how to get on track with sales tax

Have you been advised to skip U.S. sales tax altogether? Discover why the states are onto you and why a sales tax audit is the most crippling of any U.S. audit.

States are now sending audit notices to already-registered sellers.

This new approach is designed to determine if sellers had economic nexus in the state before they registered to collect sales tax.

For example, many states will look at sellers who registered for a sales tax permit after that state’s economic nexus law went into effect and question whether they should have been collecting sales tax before their actual sales tax registration date.

7. Learn steps how to get back on track with your U.S. business

Learn the steps needed to get back on track while selling in the U.S. Find out if your best option is through a foreign entity or a U.S. entity. Did you form a U.S. LLC but never filed any U.S. tax returns?

8. How to remit U.S. sales tax without a U.S. bank account

How do you remit U.S. sales tax without a U.S. bank account, and what will that cost you? Learn how to cut your remitting costs by 50%.

You will also discover the cost of compliance for a real U.S. brand as an Amazon seller and what you need to consider with our cash flow.

9. Learn the Critical points for U.S. based e-commerce sellers

Discover the critical points for U.S. based e-commerce sellers, which states is registration required, what do you need to know, including income nexus overview.

10. Steps to establish an US account

Learn what you need to know to establish a U.S. bank account for automatic sales tax payments through ACH.

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Gain Solutions

Scott’s goal is to understand your complex situation and give you action steps to move forward with confidence. He will tell you the best strategies to support you moving forward, which will save you a fortune in time and money and help you emerge with confidence.

Expanding to the U.S. and getting into compliance with sales tax requirements is a complex process involving many steps. You may get the first couple right on your own. It is the last three to four steps that destroy your profits from one to year from now that you really want to avoid.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Scott’s Past Experience

Scott has worked with top brands, including Shopify, Sears, Payoneer, Catching Clouds, Rapid Crush, SOVOS, and several CPA and law firms.

Each client’s strategy session leads to more solutions to current issues in the e-commerce environment and updates from his vast network of colleagues that would be impossible to receive promptly with research on your own (assuming you even came to the best solution, which is unlikely).

“Leverage Scott’s incredible desire for the best strategies and the latest updates to your advantage.”

Financial Certainty

Your U.S. expansion can cost you thousands when not executed correctly. Unfortunately, most seller’s only strategy plan 1-2 moves ahead, versus the 4-5 required to protect your profits.

If you have already been selling and were not in compliance with sales tax, not knowing the best approach could save you millions in a sale that is not canceled due to compliance issues. The process of applying for an EIN with the incorrect start date may result in a routine IRS audit that goes bad or the experiencing heavy fines with past U.S. tax returns being filed.

“Scott’s financial background will help you plan out your best business options to protect your cash flow and avoid these devasting financial mistakes.”

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