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Sales Tax Consulting

Is your company behind on sales tax? Do you need to register in more states, but now sure which effective date is best?  Are you launching a new company and want to clarify which states and when you need to register?

Do you need to know your best strategic options before moving forward, including costs, risks, and the latest updates from the states on audits, and what is possible? Do you register with a current start date and pay the past sales tax or not?

Gain clarity within 30-minutes with our CEO, Scott Letourneau.

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Sales Tax Nexus Analysis

Our post-Wayfair analysis will provide you results of when you first triggered nexus in each state and recommended states to register.

You will receive our nexus spreadsheet analysis and our detailed recommendations to register, which states not to register, and your estimated sales tax exposure. We will provide your best options to move forward with compliance. You will also receive your best options to file sales tax returns at the best rates with our partners.

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Sales Tax Permit Registrations

Our complete 8-step sales tax permit registration process is the most complete and accurate in the industry. Let us save you a ton of time, money, and frustration. See our pricing options. We will also obtain your resale numbers as required.

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U.S. Virtual Address

When you register for sales tax permits, that will unleash a lot of mail from every state. Our services include scanning and organizing your permits for you. This will help simplify the mail onslaught and save your team time and money.

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Non-resident sellers require an EIN before we apply for your sales tax registrations.  The SS4 application must be completed properly to avoid unnecessary IRS issues down the road.

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U.S. Entities

Our main company, NCP, has 24 years of experience with LLC and Corporate formations in all 50 states. We specialize in working with both U.S. and foreign sellers.LLC and Incorporating Services for both U.S. and Non-U.S. residents.

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Get into Compliance and Focus on Growing Your Profits, Not Sales Registrations

Let us Help You Determine Where to Register

Sales Tax Registration Steps


Where & When to Register

Our sales tax nexus analysis will determine when you established nexus (either physical or economic) in each state.

You will receive the best options to determine which registration dates make the most sense to minimize penalties, interest, and past sales tax due vs. the risk of audit.

Our team will provide a comprehensive analysis for new or seasoned sellers or investors looking to acquire an e-commerce brand. You don’t want to get stuck with successor liability.


Sales Tax Registrations

You will be guided step-by-step through all your company details we need on one master application that will include items for each state we need to register.

Our application is secure and video-based, with examples for support and our team’s personalized review.

All your permits, PINs, codes, login in details will be provided securely. We will follow up directly with the state to secure your tax accounts so that future filings will be simple.


Close Out Registrations

Marketplace sellers, in many cases, no longer need to stay registered and may close out their registrations. Some states do require you to stay registered.

Our team will provide the list of states to close out, keep open, or monitor, along with our service per state to close out your sales tax registrations and what additional steps are required with filing past sales tax returns, closing out any other state filings.


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Learn the latest strategies, and pitfalls to avoid to protect your e-commerce business. Visit our sales tax blog to receive the latest news on sales tax.

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