10 Critical Sales Tax Questions That Foreign E-Commerce Sellers Must Ask

Foreign Amazon sellers must address these critical sales tax questions below. Obtaining the best answers for your situation is a must for your U.S. e-commerce success. You also must know the proper sequence of steps to take for sales tax compliance. Here are our 10 Critical Sales Tax Questions for you to ask as a foreign e-commerce seller:

Questions foreign e-commerce sellers need to ask

Foreign E-Commerce Seller Sales Tax Questions to Ask

1. Is Sales Tax Required to be Collected and Paid by Foreign E-Commerce Sellers on U.S. Platforms such as Amazon/Sears/WalMart/eBay?

There is a big difference between what sellers are doing, and what is required. Consequently, results may be painful.

2. Are Federal U.S. Taxes Required to be Paid by Foreign E-Commerce Sellers in the U.S.?

IRS Tax Treaties with other countries are key components in getting to the right answer.

3. Is an EIN/Tax ID via the IRS Required to Collect and Remit U.S. Sales Tax?

Before you ring the bell with the IRS, you must understand why and when this is required.

4. What are the Best Options if Behind with U.S. Sales Tax?

Many options may get you in serious trouble. However, only a few options are the right choice.

5. Why is a U.S. Virtual Address Recommended Before You Apply for U.S. Sales Tax Permits?

This is one of the biggest frustrations that every seller with a foreign address will experience. Fortunately, this can be avoided.

6. Will a Foreign Entity Selling need to Qualify or Register in States Before or After Registering for a Sales Tax Permit?

This process is much more complicated than sales tax nexus.

7. Are State Tax Returns Required in Addition to Sales Tax Returns?

This may trigger unnecessary state audits down the road.

8. Is a U.S. Bank Account Recommended for Remitting Sales Tax?

This will cost you a fortune if not set up properly.

9. How Long Does it take to Apply for Sales Tax Permits as a Foreign E-Commerce Seller?

This will be very expensive if you don’t get your timing right.

10. Will I be able to use a Remitting Software Company to Remit Sales Tax at the Lowest Rate to File State Returns? Will this crush your budget for compliance?

Not likely. Your costs will go from $20 per return to $50 or $100 per return if you are not structured properly in the U.S.

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