Sales Tax Services

Sales Tax Services

As an E-Commerce Seller, there are many steps involved in the process of registering to collect and remit sales tax. Let us help you with these critical steps.

Critical Steps for E-Commerce Sellers to Evaluate Include:

  • Determining in which states you have nexus.
  • Determining your sales tax liability.
  • Determining when you should consider getting registered in each state.
  • Determining what services you need before registering for sales tax permits. This may include a new entity, EIN, virtual address service, or U.S. bank account.
  • Getting registered for sales tax permits or filing a VDA (Voluntary Disclosure Agreement).
  • Getting registered for sales/use tax in each state where you have nexus.
  • Filing past sales tax returns and paying past sales tax, penalties, and interest due.
  • Filing sales tax returns in each state moving forward and remitting sales tax when required.
  • Repeating this process.

All steps are either covered by our services options below or with our vetted partners.


Sales Tax Permit Registrations

Registering for sales tax permits is a complex process in each state, with varying steps, questions, tracks, codes, and more. Making costly mistakes leads to a long road of wasted time and money. Our system and process have been honed and fine-tuned after registering for thousands of sales tax permits and are trusted by many e-commerce tax firms. Learn More

Virtual Address and Mail Scanning

Before you register for sales/use tax permits in several states, you will want to use the best mailing, because you will receive “buckets” of mail from every state. The more behind on sales tax you are the more mail you will receive. Imagine registering for 20+ states at one time and all the mail you would receive and must sort through and figure out. Our team will take that off your hands and simplify everything for you. Learn More

Additional Services

You may need support with a new entity formation as a new seller, especially as a foreign seller considering forming a U.S. company. You may need support with a sales tax strategy session before moving forward or other tax or legal resources Learn More

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